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She Should Be Banned From Writing--Period

Story Or Series Title: A Partnership Unfolds
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Culprit Author's Name: lady himora Not Himura, HIMORA
Full Name (plus titles if any): Himiko Izumi
Full Species(es): A Mary-Sue that won't die!
Hair Color (include adjectives): n/a
Eye Color (include adjectives): n/a
Unusual Markings/Colorations: n/a
Special Possessions (if any): A breast?
Annoying Origin: n/a
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: I can't even process this story well-enough to answer that!
Annoying Special Abilities: To bleed like a son of a bitch and still whoop ass.
Other Annoying Traits: To switch from being PO'ed to sweet and innocent in .00000001 seconds.
Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

A Partnership Unfolds

I barely got thru with my current opponent before I had to block yet another assualt. The blade of my opponent, aimed at my neck, clashed with my sword, and the ring was lost in the screams of the dying. I looked at my opponent; their face was sunken in, hungry looking, and they were snarling; as if a dog was fighting another dog for a piece of meat.Fuck, I'm already lost. Jumping right in and leaving your readers clueless--bad bad bad!

I pulled back my sword and faced him, when he abruptly brought down his sword. I moved back as quickly as I could to avoid the blade, but felt a sharp pain in my chest. I looked down and saw a huge gash below my breastOw, and I could vividly see the blood running down my stomach on to my grey pants.Don't worry--Spray and Wash will get ride of those blood stains!

"Your a... a woman!" No, it's not just a woman, it's a Mary Sue!

My head snapped up to see my opponent, and fearing the fact that he would tell a woman was in this revolution Sure, after you're DEAD, I grabbed my sword with both hands and quickly pulled it down his shoulder, to his rib cage. His eyes, wide with shock and pain, stayed open as he fell to his knees, then swayed back onto the ground, dead.He dies instantly with that but the HUGE gash she gets isn't an instant-kill

I grabbed my clothes, and closed my eyes, tightly, trying to take my mind off my wound, but with no prevail. So I opened my eyes again, and looked around to make sure no one saw what I had silenced the man before me about. The battle was being fought on a hill, north of Edo, my hometown. People fought everywhere, it seemed. The Meiji Government's samurai fought in blue armor, that was on their arms and wrists. Other then that, nothing really. ...A breast plate was sported by some, but not others, because it was lighter, so they chose not to have that. Instead they only had the wrist and arm armor and a sword for protection.Blah blah blah

I walked to the forest, which was near, luckily, as fast as I could without hurting myself too much. I would have to block a sword now and then, and of course, kill,Really? but I didn't get any more wounds other then what I already got. As I walked though, I could feel my body about to give, and my vision started to blur..

I finally made it after what seemed an eternity.Made it where? I walked into the trees, as far as I could before I had to have a seat. I got comfortable under an oak tree that had part of the bark missing in the center. I leaned back, and closed my eyes. I could feel myself going faint from the loss of blood then found myself unconcious in a matter of minutes..And that only long now? 6 pointless paragraphs?

A girl reached out, her hand and wrist covered in blood, as if it were made that color. The blood shone brightly in the light, and her nails, long and beautiful if it weren't for the hideous coat. It slammed down on a table, then there was a flash light. Suddenly, there was a girl, who stood before a dead body that had an ax embedded deep into the chest. There were other markings where the ax had been too, though. The stomach laid open, and it was visible that the rib cage had be broken in several places, either from impact of fists, or from the impact of the blade, or even both. A large gash lay where the shoulder should connect to the clavicle. The little girl sat down, quietly on the ground, her eyes stained with tears, dull and empty, and she rocked back and forth, her knees drawn neatly up to her chest. There was yet, another flash of light, and then a scream, and nails were seen scraping a wall, then one of the nails pop off, and the other nails make a horrible scraping noise, like a stick to a chalkboard... then.. a scream, ear piercing, and shrill, loud, yet girlish... BLAH BLAH BLAH...

I sat up quickly, breathing hard from the horrible nightmare I just witnessed. My arm flew to my stomach from the pain I got from sitting up so suddenly. I looked around where I was. I was in a room, where a fire was going in a fire pit in the center. Blankets covered my legs, and I had on a clean, white, shirt. I opened the shirt to reveal my wound neatly bandage. I probbed at it to see if it still hurt, but.. as fate would have it.. it did. Damn that fate I closed my eyes and stood up, swaying a little bit. I walked around a bit, and could feel the muscles in my stomach tense up and tighten. I put my arm on the wall and laid my head on my arm to catch my breath. From a god damn, short ass walk like that, my breathing had grown heavier!Most retarded line yet!

There was a scraping noise behind me, then footsteps. I slowly turned around to see a man with red hair wearing a blue Gi. He was kinda cute, yeah.. but..OMG ITS STARTED!!! CUTE!?...*gag*

I fell to the ground out of shock as I realized the man I was facing was Battosai the Manslayer! OMG, she already knows! I hit the ground hard, and when I landed I hit my head on the wall. Out of reflex, I quickly leaned far forward, but ended up re-opening my wound. I opened one eye and looked at Battosai, who had dropped the bowl of water and cloth he had and ran to me to assist me.

"Are you ok? You shouldn't walk, that you should not." His voice was gentle as he spoke. I looked at him, slighly miffed at the thought of Battosai, the one man I sought out to kill in this war, was helping me! But it's needed for the convenience of this Mary Sue!

"What do ye want with me? She Scottish? Why am I here, Battosai the Manslayer?"

His eyes flashed dark, then returned to the normal gentle violet as before. "I am not Battosai the Manslayer anymore. I am Kenshin. Himura Kenshin. I left that name in Konan many years ago." Konan...

"EH!" I pushed him away, a little too roughly then I should have, because he fell on his butt as well with a little oof. Fell on his butt? "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOUR NOT BATTOSAI! YOU HAVE THE RED HAIR, THE CROSS SHAPED SCAR.. YOUR BATTOSAI! YOUR THE MANSLAYER! YOUR THE HYPOCRITE THAT I SOUGHT TO KILL IN THIS WAR!"CAPS...BUTTON...BROKEN...

My eyes widened, and I quickly shut my mouth as I noticed that this man, Himura Kenshin as he called himself, simply smiled at being called a hypocrite. How can you smile at something like that?

I watched him as he stood up and rubbed his butt from where he landed, then as he walked over to get the bowl and cloth he dropped, I too stood up and staggered towards him. I put my hand on his shoulder and leaned on him a bit for support. "Kenshin.. I.. I'm sorry." And now she's ALLLLLL better...

"Do not worry about it, that you shouldn't. What you said.. was true, that it was." he smiled as he put the bowl and cloth on a table, leaving me where I stood. "You should lie down so I can fix your injury, that you should, Miss... uh.. " he stared blankly at the table, before turning around and smiling at me again "I do not know your name, that I dont, now do I?"


Blink. Something in your eye?

"Oh!" I smiled impishly and sat down on the futon, "My name is Himiko. Himiko Izumi. Um, Pleased to meet you, Kenshin." I smiled bleakly.

Kenshin nodded and turned to me, his cold, dead eyes burning thru me. From smiling rurouni to deadpan hitokiri in the blink of an eye--and no reason for it either! I winced.

"Um. Mr. Himura. I was wondering.. perhaps we could be.. battle partners?" I looked at him, softly and let out the breathe I didn't know I was holding in. Now she wants to be battle partners? And she only wanted him dead five seconds ago...

Kenshin turned completely toward me and I swore I saw the corner of his mouth twitch.. "You should wear something that doesn't cut that easily over... there, that you should." Oh Kenshin, so perverted of you to think like that!

WAS THAT A BLUSH I SAW? BATTOSAI.. I mean Kenshin... BLUSHING! Maybe there was a side to him, that no one knew.. that he hid from others to protect himself. I saw now that he was just like me. Simply trying to survive in these hectic times. Trying to bring an end to the revolution for the better.. And next chapter Kenshin will get rock-hard I bet...

And thus began Kenshin and my partnership. What?! We battled, back to back, to make sure no one snuck up on us. But, as fate would have it. Our partnership grew gradually. We soon began to eat with eath other, rather then with the older men of our group. We sipped tea and basked in the sunlight when possible. And I gradually got the real Kenshin to emurge... Oh fuck! This is crappy storytelling here at it's finest. And she's probably pregnant now too...
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