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It's absolute filth. I am at loss for words.

Story Or Series Title: Over Protection (I see.)
Fandom: We all weep, as Rurouni Kenshin is the Fandom that Attracts Most Crap, no offense. I am immune enough to be proud of that achievement, in a demented way.
Culprit: G.R. Falk (Which is the only thing that sounds normal.)

Full Name (plus titles if any): Hajime Sazuma, with an awfully clever "(pronounced saa-zoo-ma)" inserted in the story.
Full Species(es): Awfulli repulsis
Hair Color (include adjectives): None mentioned, but I feel that we will get a nasty dose of that when the chapters roll by.
Eye Color (include adjectives): Same as above.
Unusual Markings/Colorations: Shall I add, "Instead of the traditional samurai outfits, some of the people (I’m one of them) have embraced jeans and T-shirts form America." Yes, in the early 1900s.
Special Possessions (if any): Let's see - a boyfriend who, at sixteen, has joined an "anti-imperialist army", let's out blood-curdling screams, and eventually get's murdered by Saitou because Sazuma could not protect him.
Annoying Origin: A retarded Suethor who uses brackets compulsively, has been watching too much Titanic and should be banned from writing fanfiction for life. Someone give her the feedback she deserves, I am too numb from the toxic fumes to say anything. If you're kind enough, sponsor her therapy.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Apparently, she is the daughter and "only family" of Saitou, where her "mother and brother was murdered by Shishio". In this story, Saitou is butchered and mutilated into being portrayed as an abusive, over-protective father who runs a dojo. Saitou fans, this is the one fic you cannot miss. If Saitou ever read this, it would drive him to perform seppuku, I kid you not.
Annoying Special Abilities: It seems she has better sword skills than her father, and tries not to "hit him" during practice sessions. Ah.
Other Annoying Traits: She sounds horribly American. "...that's dad for ya." Lord help me.

[start filth]

Stupid father. I hate him. He’s so over protective. He doesn’t let me do anything. I can’t go anywhere. I can’t live like this. I can’t go on. I’m only 16. I want to die. Somehow I want to escape, get away from life. I want death to bless me with the one I love. Life isn’t worth living anymore. He has to let me free. I can feel the world crumbling beneath my feet. The darkness is closing in on me. I need to escape...

My name is Hajime Sazuma (pronounced saa-zoo-ma) and I’m the daughter of the infamous Hajime Satiou, leader of the 3rd squad of the Sinsangumi. I had a brother, but he got killed trying to avenge my mother’s death. It’s just me and my over protective father now. He’s not as strong as the wolf he used to be, but the key word here is “as”. Once, when I found out one of my boyfriends were cheating on me, he went out and gave him a deep gash across his back right over his spine, paralyzing him completely for 3 months. I didn’t want him to or tell him to, but you don’t know my dad when he sees me upset. He gets very pissed off and will stop at nothing to make me feel better. I’m 16 years old, I don’t need him to go out and almost kill my lying bastard of my new ex boyfriend. I can do that myself. You see my father takes great pride in his gatozu and so that the technique would not be lost, he passed it down to me. My left-handed thrust is stronger than his is (duh, he’s not as young as he used to be), so don’t mess with me.

I live in a semi-industrialized Japan. The only thing that has really changed is the clothing. Instead of the traditional samurai outfits, some of the people (I’m one of them) have embraced jeans and T-shirts form America. But most stay the same. I’m home schooled for a few reasons that I will not yet share, but I will say that they’re not pretty.

I don’t have any friends (dad scared them all off); just a boy friend named Orune (pronounced or-rune). He’s also 16, and we’ve been going steady for over 2 years. That’s right, we’ve been together since we were 14. He’s slightly taller than me, and has short dark brown hair that just covers his ears. He has 2 pieces of electric blue ice for eyes, that get hard and cold when he’s mad or in a fight, but soft when he’s with me. I met him on rainy day in an alley, when some punk was trying to mug me. I had already mastered the basics of the gatozu, and was doing fine until he stepped in. Instead of him rescuing me, well, let’s just say the process was reversed. I carried the bloody, soggy mess that was him to Ms. Megumi, and we’ve been together ever since.

Now that you know a little bit about me, let’s get back to the present.

It was about 6 in the morning. I slowly slipped out of my bed (not an American type of bed, the traditional Japanese kind), and put on my sword practice uniform. I tiptoed out of my room, and into one of the halls of my Dojo. I wondered if dad was up, so I walked over to his bedroom and carefully slid open the door. Just as I expected: he was up already. I met him in the practice hall where, as usual, he sat in the middle of the floor quietly sipping green tea, with a bowl of plain hot soba across from him that he had made for me for breakfast. Next to him, was a tea kettle and a small bowl of sugar.

“Morning dear.” He said with a bright smile that showed unconditional love and affection for me, while pouring a cup of tea and handing it to me. My dad loves me a lot, considering my mother and brother was killed during the fight with Shishio. I’m the only thing he has left to love, and the down side of that is he doesn’t was to lose me so he’s very overprotective.

“Morning dad, and thanks for the tea and soba” I said tiredly as he handed me the cup and I started eating. I had a long night, because I was up until 11:30 practicing. Dad was teaching me how to maximize my thrust and I just couldn’t get it. My left hand still ached, and I wasn’t sure how this practice session would turn out. It only took me a few minutes to finish eating, but it seemed like forever because I ate in silence. Dad just sat there, staring at me. I don’t mind because he doesn’t have anything else to look at.

“We will begin, as usual, with our deep breathing exercises” he said calmly when I pushed my now empty bowl over to the wall. Then we sat there with our legs crossed and our eyes closed, breathing slowly and calmly. I tried very hard not to fall asleep, and was relieved when we moved onto stretching. After stretching we moved on to blocking. This is the part when dad charges at me and I have to block it. We use wooden swords so we don’t hurt each other. How could a father hurt the daughter he loves so dearly you ask? My dad gets very into fights, and once he hit me in the side with a real sword and knocked me out. I knew he didn’t mean it, and told him that it was all right and I forgive him, but he never forgave himself. Also I’m stronger than dad is (I explained it earlier), but I’ve never hurt him. Once we were done with blocking, I practiced charging. Every time I charged I hit him.

The lesson dragged on like that for a few hours, and was over at 9. Afterward I got a short break, and then dad home-schooled me. My schooling ends at 12, and then Orune comes over for lunch. After that I get the rest of the day to spend with Orune. This is the first day I will see after he joined the anti-imperial army.

“Good after noon Satiou-dono and Sazuma-san” Orune sang as he shook dad’s hand and gave me a peck on the lips after bursting through the door. The only reason for not enveloping me up in an embrace and a long, emotional kiss is that my dad would kill him for touching me like that. He thinks that any kissing like that will lead to sex and he would kill me (and Orune) if I wasn’t a virgin. Personally I don’t get it, but that’s my dad for ya.

“What would you two like for lunch? Does mesou soup and rice balls sound ok?” I asked, trying to hold back the tears of joy because my beloved boyfriend has returned, as dad prepared the eating area.

“Anything sounds ok when you say it, my darling!” Orune said lovingly, as he came up behind me, put his arms around my waist, and twirled me around. I was laughing like crazy, then dad told Orune to put me down before I got sick. The was a smile on dad’s face when he said it, but you would never see it unless you knew where to look. Orune knew where it was, so he didn’t take it personally.

“Would you like some help preparing the food Sazuma?” Dad inquired as I headed for the kitchen. I was about to tell him I didn’t need any, when Orune but in and said that he would me help cook. Once we got into the kitchen, Orune wrapped me in his arms and gave me a hug followed by a long, passionate kiss.

“I missed you so much, dear,” he said with a smile and I could see his eyes mist over.

“I was so worried about you, Orune!!” I cried and started sobbing. I prayed every night for him to return to me safely after we found out that he got captured.

“It’s all right my love, I'm here now” Orune whispered to me softly to calm me down. It was a good thing that the kitchen was a long way down the hall form where we were eating, because if dad heard me crying, he would have unleashed a big can of whup-ass on Orune, Sinsangumi style.

“Now that you’ve calmed down a bit, sweetheart, don’t you thing we should start making lunch? You’re father might get the wrong idea if we don’t go back soon.” Orune asked.

“You’re right Orune,” I said reluctantly pulling away from him and wiping the tears from my eyes.

”I’ll make the rice balls and you make the soup”. When we were done cooking, we carried the food into the eating area.

“What took you two so long?” Dad asked, looking like he knew we did more than cook, “I’m starving!” Uh-oh I thought. What I'm I supposed to say? Dad expects an answer to everything! But being the resourceful person he is, Orune answered for me.

“I was chopping up vegetables for the soup when I cut myself. Being the kind loving person she is, Sazuma-san insisted that she take care of it. Isn’t that right Sazuma-san?” Orune asked me with that please-play-along-so-I-don’t-get-skinned look.

“Yes that’s it exactly” I said but I knew dad didn’t buy because we forgot one important thing: the bandage.

“Oh really?” dad said menacingly “Sazuma, dear, you’ve studied with Ms. Megumi before haven’t you? If you’re such a good doctor than where is the bandage?”

This was the end. I could see the wolf in his eyes creeping up behind Orune’s reflection ready to give the lethal blow. And with the speed of light he grabbed both of Orune’s hands, screamed “There are no cuts!!!” and kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying across the hall, bouncing slightly off the floor a few times and finally landing at the foot of the door.

“Orune, NO!!” I screamed as tears streamed down my face and I tried to run over to him, but dad caught hold of hold of my wrist.

“Don’t try to save him, his fate is sealed!” dad cried as he let go of my wrist and closed in on Orune. Through my tears I saw dad getting closer and closer to a defenseless Orune. Then it hit me: he could kill him. Dad could kill the one man I loved. I had to do something, and that something was in dad’s bedroom on the floor next to his bed. That something was his sword. It was the same sword that protected him through the revolution. I didn’t have any other choices, and his bedroom was 2 feet away. I ran in as fast as I could and found the sword. I was about to draw it when I heard a blood-curdling scream.

“I'm coming Orune!” I yelled as I drew the sword and started running at my father. I saw him raise his sword above his head to deliver the lethal blow.

“Forgive me father, but for the sake of the one I love,” I cried as I was in 3 feet of him and I am glad to say that that distracted him greatly “I will fight you!” And at that I did a gatozu zero style and threw the sword at his sword knocking it out of his hand.

“Orune, Orune speak to me! Are you ok?! Please, please say something, anything just don’t die...please don’t die” I was bawling my heart out as I ran to him, and then I saw blood. Blood was all over his chest gushing from a deep gash. I was too late. I fell to my knees in shock. The sadness was unbearable, as I crawled towards him. I rested his head on my lap as I sat back on my knees.

“Orune I'm so...so...I'm so sorry...I'm too late...oh Orune, I'm so sorry!” I cried while stroking his soft brown hair. I leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. At that moment he opened his soft blue eyes.

“...Sazuma...” he stammered in a soft voice that was below a whisper. “...I...I...I love you...” he continued with a small smile that I wasn’t even sure was there.

“I love you too Orune, just don’t talk. Everything will be ok, I'm here now.” I replied in a soft soothing voice, still stroking his hair. That seemed to calm him down, and his eyes closed reluctantly, as if he wanted to make sure it was my lap his head was in and he wasn’t dreaming. I thought that everything would be all right, but I forgot that my persistent father was hovering over Orune and I in disbelief.

“You would choose that piece of shit over your own father?” dad questioned, anger flowing through his voice.

“How dare you!” I screamed at him while hot tears of anger streamed down my face.

“I don’t care what you think! Orune loves me for who I am! There’s more to me than what’s in my pants! So I make out with! What’s the big deal? Yes I kissed him, but we didn’t have sex!” I yelled between sobs.

“Look what you did! You...you...you could have killed him...just...just...just get away from me you...you monster! Leave me and Orune alone!“I cried hysterically, as I gently pulled Orune up and cradled him in my arms.

“You bitch! After all I’ve done for you, this is how you repay me?!” Dad screamed in anger as he yanked me away for Orune and threw me into a wall. When I hit the wall, my head slammed into it and a hot pain seared through me like a knife. Everything started to get blurry and I saw Orune slowly stand up. He was running towards me, but he seemed much farther away than he really was. As I slid down the wall, I reached my shaking hand up and lightly felt the back of my head. Something was warm and sticky and kept gushing from my head. I put my hand in front of my face, and even though I couldn’t make out the blur of red in front of me, I knew that I was bleeding badly.

“Sazuma, Sazuma!” Orune cried in panic, but his voice was fading. He was reaching out to me, to take me away from all this. I think dad said something, but I couldn’t make out what. This was the end. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. There was so much I wanted to say, but my time was up. Orune, I though, I hope you know how much I love you. Then everything went black.

[/end filth]

Hope you had fun, kids.
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