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What's the point in being related to Yahiko if he disappears after two chapters? Sounds fishy to me

Story Or Series Title: Who? That's what we're all wondering, actually; would you mind not telling us?
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend of the Terrible Spelling
Culprit Author's Name: DarkVixen. She claims to be two people, and apparently, at least one of them cannot spell.

Full Name (plus titles if any): Arisusa. Sounds mysteriously like "Mary Sue" to me. It screams, "I don't know Japanese!"
Full Species(es): Puella soror gratuitus. Or we could just say, "random chick somehow related to Yahiko."
Hair Color (include adjectives): "wavy platinum blonde hair that went to the middle of her back." And she's related to Yahiko, living in Japan?
Eye Color (include adjectives): "emerald green eyes." Again, related to Yahiko?! (This one I suppose might be possible, yes, but probable? No.)
Unusual Markings/Colorations: "stood the same height at Kenshin." Won't go into that one.
Special Possessions (if any): "a jade green kimono," "a silver and green kimono," and supposedly, the same genes as Yahiko. But I see no evidence of this anywhere, despite her claims.

Annoying Origin: A grammatically incorrect Suethor's mind.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Yahiko's "sister." I'm assuming his older sister, since that makes her more "beautiful" and "independent" and all those other desirable traits.
Annoying Special Abilities: Hitting Yahiko and getting away with it, scolding him and getting away with it, changing her saké order to tea in between chapters, buying Kaoru clothing that she really doesn't need, and amazing cooking skills that she says she will "teach Kaoru."
Other Annoying Traits: Refusing to update for over a year and not finishing the story...oh, never mind, that would be a good thing.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story: "You're my sister" Yahiko asked in disbelief "Yes"

~blah blah they get food and are eating~ Well, at least this moves quickly. **snerk**

Sano has at least three empty bottles of sake and still drinking while Kenshin eating sushi and Karou (I invoke the title of the story: who?) and Yahiko each having misao soup and rice balls and Arisusa drinking her tea.

"Mmm good" Yahiko said while having a mouthful of rice

"Yahiko can you give me that" Karou said while pointing to a rice ball that she wanted "Get it your self ugly" Yahiko spat back with some rice coming out of his mouth as he talked

"Why you-"she said with clenched teeth her face getting red with anger and her fists clenched at her side

*wham* Love the sounds in asterisks. Plus two points for making it like a comic book. Minus four points for doing it in a written story.

"Huh" Karou asked all traces of anger had left her now replaced with confusion She then saw Arisusa standing where Yahiko was just sitting 'She must have hit him, I think' She must also be against using periods, methinks.

Kenshin and Sano were now looking to see what the commotion was

"Hey what was that for?!" Yahiko yelled with anger and confusion, while looking at Arisusa

"Its not nice to call someone ugly, Yahiko, and you should show respect, what you did was rude" she said while shaking her head at him then going back to her seat by Sano to sit back down "and you shouldn't have said it" she said while returning to normal and calmly sipping her tea again showing her pleasant smile again. How many times is it necessary to repeat things before your readers understand you? Because we clearly must not understand the concepts of "sitting down" and "again."

Yahiko relcuntly got up and headed back toward his seat mumbling a few words grumpily, and rubbing his head to ease the pain.

Considering that this was almost all of Chapter Two, I'm hardly surprised that she's apparently decided to discontinue it.

~they are done with the food and they are shopping ~

Karou now looks at Arisusa with wonder in her eyes at the blonde girl then just smiled at her, while holding up a silver and green kimono to Arisusa "this would look so good on you" she said as she held it up to her.

"Really? Do you think it would?" she asked while she touched the silk kimono with wonder on her face.

"Defiantly, it brings out your eyes" she brought the kimono up to Arisusa "you should get it, it suits you" Because you should always buy kimono casually. They're not expensive or anything.

"Well alright" she said brightening up and smiling at Karou receiving the kimono Karou held out to her

Karou and she went back to looking for kimonos and other things Arisusa found a beautiful silk golden kimono Where
are they, by the way? Shopping for a kimono is not just like buying a pair of sweatpants.

"Oh my" she gasped it had a beautiful dragon on the kimono "Karou come here" she gazed at it with huge eyes

Karou walked over and say the expression on her face and followed the direction of her gaze and gasped too, the kimono was beautiful down to the very detail "its so."

"Absolutely perfect for you" Arisusa squealed in delight and held up the kimono to Karou, a huge grin on her face

"I couldn't possibly afford it" sadness overtaking her face at the realization

"Do not worry I can buy it for you" she said her face brightining

"I couldn't possibly do that" Karou said with concern

"Nonsense, I insist, besides its no trouble at all" Arisusa said as she handed Karou the kimono "Oh thank you so much, but I don't think I would need such a fancy kimono" She said with doubt one again coming over her face She should be doubtful. She hardly knows this girl!

"Well we will have to have a special occasion so you can wear it, how about a dinner, how bout it, a big fancy dinner?" How about
not, due to financial constraints? Unless the Sue is loaded with cash, too, in which case, Kaoru should mug her and make a run for it.

"That would be so great, thank you thank you thank you!" she squealed and hugged Arisusa

"Ok "Arisusa laughed

"Oh sorry" she let go of Arisusa

"Well let's go pay for these" she walked to the sales woman and paid for the kimonos They walked out with their kimonos and looked around "Hey where is the others" Arisusa asked while she looked back and forth confusion on her face because she did not understand the meaning of the word "are."

I'm not mean enough to post more. Just trying to figure out what's going on and who's saying what has worsened my headache considerably.
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